Serving our community through an act of compassion... feeding them.

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The inter-agency food bank works in the Mahoning and Trumbull Counties to reduce hunger primarily through acting as a non-profit clearing house which helps prevent the waste of edible food. We hope to collect non-food items from grocery stores and other outlets and pass it on to the needy for free. The main goal is to restore a sense of self-esteem by allowing people to help people.

We at Youngstown Community Food Center Inc. and Gleaners Food Bank are hoping to unite with other agencies to open the lines of communication and let people help people.



1. Obtain Donations: To obtain edible food and non-food items through donations from national and local food industries, local organizations having special food drives, and from private individuals with special request.

2. Food Storage Standards: To coordinate the distribution of food in the warehouse so that the freshest food is stored properly to minimize loss and to distribute the food efficiently.

3. Community Education: To provide promotional information of the programs to corporations, civic groups, churches, and schools to help educate the people.

4. Obtain finances: To ensure that the financial goals of the program are met for the year, to meet a set budget, and to have monthly Board and General meetings.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to go national with this type of food distribution as a means to help the less fortunate and also assist the many churches and shelters in need. As the country’s manufacturing base declines, the needs are greater now than ever before.